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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Understanding Disability Health Insurance

Disability health insurance is so important as typical health insurance. If any time you are hurt on the job, and cannot work, disability insurance will give you opportunities and provide for your family. You always like to work safely, if any accidents do happen then you have every angle to be covered. If you become ill or injured on the job and you are unable to return to work as a result, there are a couple of options that will replace lost income. These types of disability insurance will not fully replace your income because they want you to have an incentive for returning back to work once you get well.

When your disability is expected to last for at least 12 months, Social Security benefits are paid to you. It happens when no gainful employment can occur and you must remain out of work for the entire duration of your leave. Employer-paid disability is required by almost every state in USA. This type of insurance is for you in the event of an accident and deducted from your paycheck. It is very important to understand the disability insurance policies while you are looking at this.

There are two types of disability insurance policies - short-term and long-term policy. A short-term disability health policy means that you will be covered for no longer than 2 years. With this policy you may have to wait up to 14 days before you start receiving compensation. On the other hand, a long-term disability policy will not give compensation for several weeks, sometimes a couple of months. However, long-term disability will cover for a longer period of time, and sometimes for the rest of your life.

While there are many options when choosing disability insurance as well, these are the most popular selections. It is important to discuss all available options when choosing a disability insurance policy to ensure that you know what you will receive in the event of an accident or illness. Research your options to find the best choice for you and your family.

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Andrea said...

Agreed. Its true that disability insurance helps a lot in case a person is not able to work. I will consider buying this option after knowing all these benefits of this plan.
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